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The Liberalist is an online magazine that promotes pro-freedom ideas for human flourishing.

We believe that liberty is the key to unlocking the potential of every individual and society. We cover topics such as politics, economy, justice, and solutions, with a pro-freedom perspective. We challenge the status quo and offer alternative views on the issues affecting Nigeria and the world.

We started our platform in 2022 as a group of young Nigerians who saw the need for a voice of reason and optimism in a country plagued by human rights abuse and excessive government power, where anti-freedom ideas are popular. We are a team of contributors who share a passion for freedom and a vision for a free and prosperous world.

We also offer a journalism fellowship for mid-career journalists and writers interested in individual freedom and market-oriented policies. The fellowship provides training, mentoring, networking, and funding opportunities for aspiring libertarian journalists.

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The Liberalist welcomes individuals and organisations who share our values and goals to support our mission. By sponsoring and funding our endeavours, you can help us expand our reach, improve the quality of our content, and sustain our operations. Together, let’s work towards building a society that embraces individual freedom and fosters human flourishing.

We invite you to join us in our mission to educate, inform, and inspire Nigerians to take action for positive change. Together, let’s champion pro-freedom ideas and create a brighter future.

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