In September 2023 alone, the Doctors Association of Nigeria revealed in total that over 5000 Nigerian doctors fled abroad.

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In this weekly newsletter, we are shedding light on a pressing issue that not only affects the heart of our nation, Nigeria but also questions the very essence of a society built on principles of liberty and well-being. 

The brain drain in Nigeria’s health sector, fueled by government apathy and other systemic challenges, demands our attention and a call to action. One of our editorial interns, Adeboye Favour shared in a piece how Nigeria, despite being endowed with remarkable healthcare professionals, is witnessing a concerning trend of brain drain in the health sector. 

Talented doctors, nurses, and healthcare practitioners are seeking opportunities abroad, leaving our nation with a void that has far-reaching consequences for the well-being of Nigerians.

According to the General Medical Council, about 1,197 Nigerian-trained doctors moved to the United Kingdom from May 29, 2023, to December 4, 2023. Though about 1,197 Nigerian-trained doctors were licensed between May 29, 2023, and December 1, 2023, the report says the total number of Nigerian doctors licensed to practice in the UK is now 12,198. Arguably, from January 2023 until date, at least one thousand doctors left the country monthly to practice in the UK. In September 2023 alone, the Doctors Association of Nigeria revealed in total that over 5000 Nigerian doctors fled abroad.

You will quite agree with us that one of the primary factors driving this exodus is the perceived apathy of the government towards the healthcare sector. Lack of adequate infrastructure, insufficient funding, and a dearth of policies that support the growth of the healthcare profession have created an environment that pushes our skilled professionals away. The government’s indifference to the challenges faced by healthcare workers erodes the very foundation of a society committed to the welfare of its people.

As advocates of liberty, we urge the government to reevaluate its approach to the healthcare sector. It is imperative to address the root causes of brain drain by investing in infrastructure, providing competitive remuneration, and fostering an environment where healthcare professionals can thrive. A nation’s well-being is intrinsically linked to the health of its citizens, and neglecting the healthcare sector is a disservice to the principles of liberty and prosperity. Kindly delve more into this issue with us by further reading the piece here. 

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