The Liberalist Centre, a Nigeria-based think-tank dedicated to promoting pro-freedom ideas for human flourishing, has trained 100 mid-career journalists and writers on pro-freedom reporting.

Held on the 17th and 18th of May, the intensive training was part of the Centre’s Journalism for Liberty Fellowship (JLF). It featured virtual and in-person sessions in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital city.

In April, the Liberalist Centre invited applications from mid-career journalists and writers with a strong interest in individual freedom, free markets and limited government for their third cohort in the JLF 2024.

The training, themed “Promoting a Free, Prosperous Society through Pro-Freedom Reporting,” aimed to enhance the participants’ skills in reporting on issues related to the free market, limited government, and individual liberty. Topics covered included the art of pro-freedom reporting, principles and values of liberty, journalistic storytelling, and ethical considerations in pro-freedom reporting, among others.

Participants will become regular contributors to The Liberalist, the centre’s news magazine, producing investigative stories, in-depth features, and engaging op-ed articles that highlight the adverse effects of excessive government power and advocate for individual liberty and free markets.

Eric Mobu, the centre’s programme director, emphasized the transformative impact of the training on the participants.

“The whole experience was quite enlightening for the participants. It was amazing to see their passion and readiness to embrace pro-freedom journalism. This year’s participants were incredibly engaging, and their enthusiasm for finding solutions and understanding the concept of pro-freedom journalism was evident,” said Mobu.

He also noted the networking opportunities provided by the training, allowing participants to connect with senior journalists from various Nigerian newspapers. Mobu announced that 20 journalists would be selected for the fellowship commencing in July.

“We believe that through the fellowship program starting from July to December 2024, participants will gain deep insights into pro-freedom reporting techniques. Our expectations are very high.”

One of the participants, Abdulganiyu Azeez, who was initially sceptical about pro-freedom reporting before the training, described the training as an eye-opener.

“At first, I never thought that kind of journalism was a way forward to sustainability, but after the training, I understand why pro-freedom journalism matters and how to go about it.

“I learnt a lot of things including how to choose a specific angle for a story, the importance of simplicity in writing, and ethics involved in pro-freedom reporting among others.” 

Another participant, Hussain Wahab Kehinde, while revealing how the knowledge has been beneficial to him, expressed his gratitude for the training. “I have learnt, relearned and unlearned about the principles of pro-freedom reporting and how to go about it.”

The Liberalist Centre’s commitment to facilitating pro-freedom journalism continues to pave the way for a more informed and liberty-oriented society.

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