A secure nation is the foundation upon which progress and prosperity can flourish...

Dear Advocate of Reasoning,

Welcome to this week’s edition of our newsletter. In our commitment to shedding light on critical issues affecting the lives of Nigerians, we find it imperative to address the alarming state of security affairs in the country.

In recent weeks, the security landscape in Nigeria has reached a critical juncture. Starting from the kidnapping epidemic in Abuja city, Federal Capital Territory, the issue is now getting out of hand. The alarming rise in kidnappings in Abuja has brought the nation to a crossroads. Innocent lives are held captive, and families are living in constant fear. 

According to a report by Vanguard Newspaper, there is heightened fear in no fewer than 19 states of the federation following a spike in the activities of kidnappers and their kingpins. This means kidnapping and insecurity affairs are far beyond Abuja. This phenomenon demands immediate attention and a comprehensive strategy to dismantle the criminal networks responsible.

Should we talk about the killings in Nigeria’s North Central Zone, particularly Plateau State? Before and since New Year’s Eve, Plateau State has been witnessing a tragic surge in violence, leading to the loss of lives and property. The government must prioritise the safety of citizens, uphold justice, and work towards fostering peace in the region.

Not only the Northern part, security issues are ravaging Nigeria’s western part, too. Cases of farmer-herder conflicts, critical to food security, are still happening in some southwestern states. 

A recent story published on our platform, titled “Oyo Farmers Bemoan Persistent Losses Amidst Continued Herder Attacks,” revealed the plight of the farmers in Oyo State as not merely an isolated incident but a distressing reflection of broader security challenges faced by communities nationwide. 

In the published story, it was revealed that Oyo State, known for its agricultural richness, has been facing a severe threat to its food security due to the ongoing farmer-herder crisis. The Nigerian government must address the root causes of these conflicts.

As advocates of liberty and advocates for positive change, we call for increased government accountability and transparency in addressing security concerns. The people have the right to know about the steps being taken to ensure their safety. Open communication channels will foster trust between the government and the governed.

The government must acknowledge the severity of the situation and take immediate and comprehensive action to ensure the safety of its citizens. This includes investing in robust security measures, addressing the root causes of conflicts, and engaging in community-based solutions. A secure nation is the foundation upon which progress and prosperity can flourish.

We hope you had reason with us on these issues. Let us stand together, speak out against injustice, and work towards a nation where every individual can live without fear.

I am Hammed J. Sulaiman, and that’s all from us now. To keep catching up with us more, please follow us on X.

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