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Dear Advocate of Reason, 

As the Nigerian government sends out palliatives to dampen down the ember of hardship post-subsidy removal, many are reminded of past palliative endeavours that missed the mark. 

In this week’s episode of Voice of Reasoning, our writer argues that while palliatives could provide short-term relief — if not hoarded by the politicians, the price of hardship for the people is not a token to stop complaining.

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In a time of surging fuel prices and inflation, short-term handouts aren’t the solution. Instead, the focus should shift to more crucial areas:

  • Security: Nigeria ranks 144 out of 163 in the global peace index. With citizens forced to pay taxes to bandits and increasing acts of terrorism, there’s a clear indication of governmental lapses in ensuring safety. In 2020, Nigeria lost $40.6 billion in investments due to insecurity, a testament to its pervasive effects on the economy.

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  • Rule of Law: With Nigeria ranking 121 out of 139 in the World Justice Project’s Rule of Law Index 2021, the call for stronger adherence to the rule of law is louder than ever. Stable legal frameworks not only promise justice but are also magnets for foreign investments.

An honest examination reveals a history of policy missteps, from the 2019 border closure to today’s insecurity issues. It’s time for a change in strategy. The government’s priorities need an overhaul—less on short-term palliatives and more on long-term solutions like security and rule of law.

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